Praise in the Park 2015
Saturday October 17 in Lucedale City Park
Lucedale, Mississippi

Casting Crowns
Lauren Daigle
Splat Experience Christian Painter
Contest Winners
Main Gates Open at 3pm
Free Downtown Music Stage Starts at 11am

Additional Information:
  • Tickets are now on sale for Super Pass, groups, and general admission at the Tickets link above.  If you don't see the link above from your mobile device then SELECT HERE TO BUY TICKETS.
  • The band contest is now accepting entries.  Go to the Band Contest link above for the rules.  You can also purchase tickets as a vote for your favorite band.
  • Keep checking back here for more details. 


Super Pass Details:

Last year the VIP was administered by the Newsboys.  This year the Super Pass is a being offered and administered by Praise in the Park.  This year the benefits of the Super Pass are early entry into the park, early access to seating, and early access to merchandise sales.  The Super Pass committee will be working to add additional amenities.  We are also working with the artists to set up a meet and greet but at this point we're not able to guarantee this will be available.

Fundraising Campaign:

After much prayer and discussion, we have decided to kick off a campaign to raise money to build permanent facilities.  We don't know what this looks like yet but we believe this is critical to keep this ministry viable.  As you know, the cost of everything is increasing.  It is our desire that we do not increase ticket prices above $10 so that we don't place too big of a burden on our supporters and ministry targets.

Permanent facilities will also streamline our efforts in sponsoring events.  We've always wanted to sponsor multiple events a year.  With a more streamlined process, we will be able to target our efforts more to the Ministry than to the logistics of the event.  

If you are led to support this ministry you can do so by making a direct donation at the Donation link above.  For larger donations, contact us directly at our email address to avoid the paypal service charges.  Money helps but if you can provide support in other ways (engineering, building supplies, etc.) please contact us to discuss.  

Thank you for your support in the past and pray that God will continue to guide and direct our decisions.  

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Praise in the Park 2015
Saturday October 17th
Lucedale City Park

Casting Crowns
Band Contest Winners

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